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Training and Education

We pride ourselves on developing and implementing cutting edge trainings for TB professionals.

Open Courses

January 3, 2022

Introduction to TB Nurse Case Management

An Online Course

The goal of this course is to provide an introductory training experience covering the basic elements, knowledge, and skills essential for the nurse case manager responsible for the care of patients with active TB disease and their contacts. This course also provides new nurses with the foundation necessary to attend Heartland’s TB Nurse Case Management course.

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Other Trainings

IUATLD NAR Postgraduate Course

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Topics We Cover

TB Nurse Case Management

Clinical TB Intensive

TST Practicum

Clinical Pediatric TB Intensive

Screening for TB Infection

MDR Skills

Contact Investigation

Diagnosis and Treatment of TB Infection in Children

Introduction to TB NCM Online

Learning at Heartland

Online Trainings

Online trainings are interactive with online live presentations and could also invovle online self-study course work.

In-Person Trianings

In-person trainings consists over one or multiple days of training presentations. Get live feedback in a classroom setting.


Webinars are transmitted online with live presenters. Participants listen to an hour long presentation with questions and answers at the end.


Real world demonstrations of various TB topics such as TB Skin Tests and MDR Skills Training.

Meet the Trainers

Delphina Sanchez, MA

Director of Education


RoShonda Booker, BS

Training and Education Developer