State-Specific TB Information - Houston, TX

TB Medical Consultation Process

Assistance with the management of TB patients may be requested from the Houston Health Department Chief Nurse/Nurse Consultant at (832) 393-4771. Medical consultation from one of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) recommended expert physicians is required if the patient's isolate is isoniazid and/or rifampin resistant. Consultation should also be requested if the patient remains symptomatic or continues to be AFB smear and/or culture positive after two months of treatment. Medical consultation with a DSHS recommended expert physician is available through the Heartland National TB Center at 1-800-839-5864 or the Center for Pulmonary and Infectious Disease Control at 1-800 428-7432.

TB Controller

Richard Stancil

Houston Health Department

Bureau of Tuberculosis & Hansen's Disease

8000 North Stadium Drive

Houston, Texas 77054


Phone: 832-393-4826

Fax: 832-393-5246


TB Focal Point

Patrick Ndibe, MA

Public Health Investigator Manager

Houston Department of Health & Human Services

8000 N. Stadium Drive, 6th Floor

Houston, TX 77054


Phone: 832-393-4797

Fax: 832-393-5247