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The Spectrum of Tuberculosis from Infection to Disease - TB at a Glance: Third Edition

Now available for download! See video below for more information!

Download your copy at: https://heartlandntbc.org/products/

Stop TB Partnership shows that under a three-month lockdown and a protracted 10-month restoration of services, the world could see an additional 6.3 million cases of TB between 2020 and 2025 and an additional 1.4 million TB deaths during that same period.

New Consultation Request Method

The Heartland National TB Center Medical Consultation team is adding a new method to take consultation requests. The nursing team will receive your consultation request via our consultation email at heartlandconsultation@uthct.edu. Please help us in testing this new method.

Webcast Hot Topics in TB! New Healthcare Worker Guidelines and Practical Implications for Tuberculosis - POSTPONED

Mar 12, 2020

This webcast is intended for healthcare professionals who are actively engaged in the identification, case management, and treatment of patients with latent TB infection or active TB disease.

Resource Download

Mar 12, 2020

These two articles are from "The New Englad Journal of Medicine. See below for download links: